Piero Gensini was born in 1945 in Florence where he still lives and works. He attended the Art Institute specializing in sculpture in metal, courses of drawing with Master Onofrio Martinelli and afterwards the free courses held by Prof. Emanuele Cavalli at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence.
He is a member of the prestigious "Accademia delle Arti del Disegno di Firenze", Classe di Scultura.
He went to Paris, London, Amsterdam and Barcelona to further his studies.
At the same time he studied in depth the various techniques of the goldsmith's art, both theory and practice, and he was a student of Master Enrico Serafini. Furthermore he practiced in the best workshops in Florence.
Piero Gensini transfers from "big" to "small", with essentiality and purity of concept, his experience of the rational forms infusing the value of his own creative talent into the jewel-sculpture.
He was a member of the Goldsmith Design Centre in Milan of the National Chamber of Italian Jeweller's Craft.
Making Gualtiero Nativi's acquaintance, both a friend and a master, was a decisive step as regards his artistic education. He was an influential exponent of the classical abstractionism and a member of the Espace group in Paris and they established a strong relation of mutual esteem.
His artistic activity, after the early works as a painter, has, since 1975, progressively moved to sculpture with studies and research on the manifold aspects of the working of different materials such as fireclay, majolica, bronze, marble, wood, iron, steel and stone, documenting a technique versatility attentive to their own specific potential.
Since 1975 he has also made medals of artistic value, for example in 1975 the medal for the reopening of the Suez Canal and the one for the Jubilee Year, in 1987 and in 1990 he was asked to make two artistic medals for the Municipality of Florence.
In 1990, commissioned by the Municipality of Florence, he made the sculpture "verso lo spazio superiore" (towards the superior/higher space) in stainless steel, 4.60 metres high, now placed at the entrance of South Florence in Ponte a Ema. (photo by side)

In 2008 he makes the altar for the new Church “I Santi di Assisi Francesco e Chiara” in Via Giardino della Bizzarria - in Florence.

In 2011 he is invited to the "54/a Edizione della Biennale di Venezia" - Padiglione Italia, Sala Nervi, Torino.

Since 1985 he has made large-sized sculptures.